Build a Bag of Barrels

Looking for some barrels? Look no further! Just select a bag size and let us know the flavors you’re craving (up to 4!) and we’ll have it sent straight to your doorsteps. 😋



Frequently Asked Questions

How many pieces do I get per pound?

You get roughly 50 barrels per pound – so – on the small bag you’re looking at about 125 pieces and on the big bag about 175. Either way it’s a lot of candy and should last one person a good while! Just keep in mind we don’t sell these by weight so it can vary, we just fill the bag to the top and send it. We always try to lean on the generous side.

How big is each piece? 

Our barrels are 1/2” diameter x 1” long rough measurement. These numbers vary slightly piece by piece due to the nature of the product.

What comes in assorted? 

Anything and everything — including flavors not listed above. You’ll get anything from standard flavors to seasonal flavors to flavors we tested but never sold. You will NOT get an equal amount of everything so if you really want a specific flavor select it above. You can always select a specific flavor and choose assorted to assure you’ll get what you’re after.

Why are only some of your flavors listed above? 

What you see above is what we have in stock at the given second. Flavors will be added & removed periodically as we have them on hand.

Do the colors look exactly the same as they do online? 

They should mostly look the same – however – due to the nature of the product the color shades can vary slightly in different batches.

Can I only buy a small or big bag?

Nope! If you’re looking for a larger or more custom order please contact us here and we can work it out with you.

What are the nutritional facts? 

Take a look at the next tab over – or – just click here.

Are they Kosher?

Yes and each individual barrel is labeled as Kosher. Please click here to see more information about our Kosher status.

Are they Gluten Free?

We cannot say we are gluten-free unless every ingredient is certified gluten-free. As with any production grade material, certain components like sugar and food colorings, may utilize a gluten-containing grain or by-product in the manufacturing process. The possible amount of gluten contamination would be small in food coloring, which in turn is a very small amount in our candy, but you need to know the possibility of gluten exists. So, except for the tiny amount of by-product that may be in a food coloring, our candy would be considered gluten-free.

How long does it take for orders to ship?

All custom orders have to be packed by hand before shipping so please give us a day or so to process everything. Generally speaking we try and ship every order within 48 hours.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yep! Head over to our contact form here and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Nutritional Information

Contains no known allergens
Not made or packaged on shared equiptment.

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Natural and Artificial flavors and may contain any of the following F.D. & C colors: Yellow#6, Blue#1, Red#40

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