At Barrels of Yum, we take flavor seriously. Peter Fretty and his son Zack Fretty founded Barrels of Yum in Whitehall, Michigan. Our business is family-owned and operated with a mission to jam-pack extraordinary flavors into nostalgic, high-quality hard candy barrels and (boxy) pops.

All of our candy is made in the USA, which is something we hold close to our hearts. We also don't use any artificial sweeteners.

Quality is no coincidence.

We deeply care about quality and taste so we're not willing to cut corners. And, for that reason, all of our barrel candy is also certified Kosher. We take our sweet time to get the flavors just right. We do this by running small test batches, taste-testing (the FUN part!), and repeatedly fine-tuning the flavor until it meets our high standards of delicious excellence.

We've now curated a delectable collection of 36 different flavors of barrel candy that we hope will blow your mind: everything from savory blueberry crumble to spicy ginger beer.

No flavor is too daunting... if you suggest it it just might become our 37th barrel.

And then, things got BOXY.

In 2016, after years of talking about pops, we finally took the pop plunge by launching our lovable collection of Boxy Pops. We like to say they're not for squares despite their boxy shape.

And it was HUGE. To say these pops are popular would be a major understatement.

These pops are TRUE to flavor, hand-spun in the USA (so the flavor lasts the whole way through) - and available in a slew of different flavor collections:

Classic Collection
Kid's Pack Collection
Coffeehouse Collection
Sparkle Edition
King Cake

If you have any questions about any of our candy, please contact us.

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