Ready for prime time!

It’s never easy to launch a new product. It takes a lot of resources (time and money), patience and determination. Barrels of Yum has followed suit. After the initial idea, we spent a good amount of time coming up with flavor concepts we were all liked, producing sample batches, perfecting formulas, working on the box design, putting together the website…the list of tasks never seems to end.

However, we have finally reached that point where we are ready for prime time. We have our first two product offerings – Classic Collection and Dilly Dally Candy readily available. And our awesome gift quality boxes are here, stuffed full with candy.

The next step for us is to strategically place our creations into as many stores as possible so that everyone has an opportunity to enjoy Barrels of Yum. If you are having trouble finding our product in local stores, please ask your favorite candy store to start carrying our product. Customer requests go a long ways in helping stores determine which products it should keep on the shelves.

We have been fortunate to have a lot of encouragement and support from family and friends. It’s great to have so many people cheering us on. It has been an exciting journey and we look forward to many years of sweet success!

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