Thank you to everyone who visited our booth in Las Vegas!

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth at the ASD Marketplace in Las Vegas. As a thank you, we decided to extend our display offer until the end of the month. With the purchase of 24 cases of candy we will provide one of our twelve slot split barrel systems for free. Each system … Continued

Flavor of the Month — Huckleberry!

Although not on the order forms, our Huckleberry Buckle has become a very popular “secret flavor.” Available as a Barrel of Yum hard candy and a Wrinklets chewy confection, Huckleberry Buckle has a sweet and very distinctive flavor that many in the Northwest U.S. understandably crave. The barrel and Wrinklet are both a beautiful creamy … Continued

Kicking Off a Flavor Revolution!

When we started this venture, we had one goal to reenergize the hard card market with a wealth of outstanding new flavor combinations like Blueberry Crumble, Apple Pie, Sour Watermelon, Chai Tea, Granny Smith Green Apple, Peach Cobbler, Orange Cream, Hot Cinnamon as well as our Dilly Dally Dill Pickle. We worked meticulously on developing … Continued

Ready for prime time!

It’s never easy to launch a new product. It takes a lot of resources (time and money), patience and determination. Barrels of Yum has followed suit. After the initial idea, we spent a good amount of time coming up with flavor concepts we were all liked, producing sample batches, perfecting formulas, working on the box … Continued